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Ways to Create A School Website With WordPress

Today schools of all kinds require well-designed, informative websites to run smoothly. A website is the best communication tool that lets the present school information to teachers, students, parents and other supporters within the community. Creating a WordPress Website for schools is among the most cost-effective methods to establish your school’s online presence. WordPress is an effective system that allows you to build a robust and scalable website without engaging a web designer.

One of the main advantages of using WordPress school website is that you’ll build on a platform that millions of people use. By 2021, about forty per cent of the web will be powered by WordPress. It’s an easy choice if you’re trying to save money since WordPress is free and is one of the strongest instances of an open-source. Themes that work for your school can be found at no cost and can be installed in only a few minutes. You’ll also find several plugins that can assist you in expanding the functionality of your site, and many are also available for free.

This guide will show you all the steps needed to Build a School Website Using WordPress.

1) Decide On What Type Of Website You Want To Build

There are generally three types of educational websites

  • A Website for Schools and College- A college website provides details about the staff, school students, etc. The college website also contains the details of the institution, its courses (which they provide), the college’s staff, instructors, etc.
  • A Website for An Online Education Portal- An online education portal is a site that provides study materials to student, online classes, tutorials, etc.
  • A Membership Website for Education- A website for educational membership is one on which students log on and submits assignments. Instructors can teach classes for students, oversee courses, etc.

2) Choose A Suitable Domain Name

The initial step to Create a School Website on WordPress is registering your site’s domain name. Your domain’s name will be how you can identify your brand name and represent it. Selecting a domain for your website Isn’t too difficult. Your name, college, school or other educational institution, and the name of your educational portal can be great alternatives for the domain. However, it is important to apply for a domain name before the time it gets into the hands of your competition.

3) Choose A Suitable Hosting Plan

Alongside domain name, hosting is a mandatory aspect of creating a WordPress Website for schools. Hosting is the space in which you can keep the information, images, content, shortcodes, etc. Numerous hosting providers can offer huge storage capacity and bandwidth. But their cost is quite remarkable. Web hosting services allow you to show your website online on the Internet. So, you should select the most affordable web hosting service. For people who are just beginning, I highly suggest using the shared plans due to the lower cost and ease of use.

4) Install WordPress On Your Desktop

Once your website is ready to be seen on the Internet, you can install WordPress and make your site’s goals a reality. It is easy to begin by signing in to the Nexcess Control Panel. Then, click Create New Site in the upper right-hand part of your display. You’ll then need to provide the necessary details. Follow the step-by-step directions, after which you can enter your credentials to start your account on WordPress Dashboard when the installation is done.

5) Choose A Suitable And An Attractive Theme

With WordPress, it’s simple to alter your site’s layout and look using pre-made templates (theme)to build WordPress school websites. You must find the perfect theme that meets your requirements for your website. After installing it on Your WordPress Dashboard, your website will appear more stunning and appealing.

Before installing any theme, consider some points when selecting the best WordPress theme.

  • Design – The layouts and design that the themes use are significant factors that impact your visitors’ impression. Choose a theme that is clean and has elegant and professional designs. It is appropriate for a site that is designed for education.
  • Features – Many themes come with features designed to make an online school site. It is recommended to select the one that you believe makes your website more professional.
  • Responsiveness – A crucial aspect is that your theme is flexible. This means that it must be designed to be compatible with all types of devices, including desktop tablets and even mobile phones.

6) Install The Necessary Plugins

The best way to Create a School Website with WordPress is to include plugins that will give you the required features. Following are some important plugins you should consider having on your website

  • Learndash system – A Learning Management System on your WordPress school website can benefit you in numerous ways. As we move to online learning, using an LMS such as LearnDash allows you to upload course content to your site. This is a great option, particularly for universities and colleges that want to provide online courses as an alternative to regular in-person classes.
  • Content Restrictions pro- you’re looking for a way to let your school restrict certain content accessible to certain users. If that’s the scenario, you’ll need to install an application for membership, such as Restrict Content Pro, on your school’s website. You can design pages accessible to all faculty members through Restrict Content Pro, including memos, school calendars and dates for parent-teacher conferences.
  • School Management System – School Management System is a WordPress plugin that was created to aid users in running your school in all its aspects, like sections, classes, students’ ID cards, teachers, staff costs, invoices, noticeboards and much more.

7) Add Important Content Regarding Your Institution

Contact information as well as details of the institution. Briefly explain the institution, including its background, accreditation, recognition, and the classes it provides. In addition, you should include the contact information of your school, including address, telephone numbers, Google Maps position, and so on.

A course or class, or a course, is a page that contains information regarding the school’s classes and the courses offered. It is crucial to provide an overview of the system and the specifics, including the number of students in a particular class, the course’s duration, and possibly its schedule. Highlight your school-related activities, achievements, other events, and more. This section uses pictures, images, videos, and graphics to help with your education marketing strategy. You can hire a web design Company like JanBask Digital Design to act as a guide in Building a WordPress Website for schools.

To Wrap Up Things

WordPress provides the tools needed to Build a School Website Using WordPress you’d like, regardless of whether it’s an informational website or an entirely web-based school. You can either create an informative website providing details about the school or add classes. It is possible to build the entire navigation system of your school.