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Why is the price of oil going up? What is inflation? Where do the taxes go? What is happening with cryptocurrencies? The economy tries to provide us with the answers to these questions and to many more.

What is it about?

When we hear the word economy, the first word that comes to mind is money. And yes, indeed, the concept of economy is related to money, however, the concept of economy goes much further. The economy encompasses many more disciplines (politics, psychology, finance, business, social aspects, education … etc) that, without us knowing, are present in our day to day. Economics (as economics) is the social science that studies:

  • The extraction, production, exchange, distribution and consumption of goods and services;
  • The way or means of satisfying unlimited human needs through limited resources;
  • The way people and societies survive, thrive and function.
  • The efficient distribution of productive factors in a society.

Why is the price of oil going up? What is inflation? Where do the taxes go? What is happening with cryptocurrencies? The economy tries to provide us with the answers to these questions and to many more. But one thing must be emphasized, it is NOT an exact science. There is no absolute truth. In economics, there are different points of view.

Degree at the University of Alicante

The economics degree at the University of Alicante is focused on different modules, which may differ to a greater or lesser extent from other universities. We distinguish 8 modules:

  • Economic analysis: This module is intended to provide knowledge to pose, understand, analyze and solve economic problems.
  • Spanish and International Economy: Understanding the Spanish, European and International Economic Environment
  • Economic policy and public sector: Know that the economic policies that exist and the functions of the public sector in the economy
  • Business environment: It is intended to provide basic notions about aspects related to the company: Marketing, finance, accounting, strategic management.
  • Math
  • Statistics and Econometrics: Learn to use tools (Excel and Gretl) to create, analyze and understand economic models
  • Economic and world history: Analysis of the evolution of the development of the Spanish economy and the main contemporary economies
  • Economic law: Know the laws that regulate economic activities

Career pathways

  • Bank entities
  • Accounting
  • Tax advisory
  • Teaching
  • Investigation
  • Consultancy
  • Foreign trade
  • Public sector
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • International organizations

Advice when completing a degree in Economics

  • The university offers many useful seminars, conferences and courses to meet and learn from great professionals.
  • Erasmus program and international mobility. Take advantage of agreements with other universities to learn languages ​​and nourish yourself with new experiences.
  • Be participatory: Share your opinion with the rest of your classmates and teachers
  • The difficulty of the degree depends on yourself. If you study, it will be a piece of cake.

My experience

This degree helps you understand how the world really works by covering so much subject matter. In general, what is taught is to know how to analyze and understand past and present economic events, try to anticipate future events and handle the data to build and propose economic models. From there it depends on the university. There are universities that give more importance to one module or another.

Therefore, I only recommend the degree in economics if you are not sure what you want to specialize in. By studying a little of everything, you do not focus on any particular discipline (Although it is true that in the 4th year you can specialize in a specific module). From my point of view, a career in economics helps you choose what your true vocation is, and that is why I believe that, once you finish the degree, you have to take a master’s degree.

Written by Xiyen Zhou

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