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Ready to start a website? Be sure to include these must-have pages.

There is a homepage on every website, but what other pages does yours require?

Are you willing to create a brand new website for your company? Have you ever pondered over these questions-

  • What will I post on my website?
  • What details ought to be displayed on the main page?
  • How effectively can I create a dynamic “Contact Us” page?

It could become a really tiresome task if you’re not guided in the right direction. Businesses in every industry compete with one another by creating highly engaging websites and applications. You must consult the appropriate web design company when you decide that your business needs a website design. Your website is the first thing that your customer will approach before contacting you. For this reason, the vast majority of consumers prefer to have a web design business professionally create their web design services. You should put your attention toward a professional design appearance and sincerity if you want to draw in your valued clients.

Are you unable to come to a decision regarding what pages you should include and what you should discard? We are more than happy to help! Here’s all that you need to know about web pages.

There are certain pages that are mandatory and some that are optional. We have enlisted 9 must-have pages for your convenience.

1. Homepage

Ever heard of the proverb  “First impression is the last impression” ? Your homepage is that first impression. Every website needs to have this page as it is one of the most visited pages online. Your home page’s material should be pertinent to your company’s operations. You must make sure that the information on your homepage is intriguing, compelling, and has a flow to capture the reader’s interest. Your homepage should load quickly and be simple to navigate. The more professional look your web design company gives it, the better.

What should you incorporate?

  •  Emphasize a few featured services or goods.
  • The most crucial information ought to be included in a large headline.
  • Links to relevant web pages. Consider product categories.
  • Other options include a variety of CTA (Call to Action) buttons.
  • Social evidence like testimonials and reviews.
  • Additionally, you can display your newsletter subscription box in the sidebar along with your featured content.

2.About us

The greatest page to explain to visitors how you differ from your rivals is that one. This is a crucial page that informs the visitor about you, your business, what you do, and what you provide. Visitors decide whether a page is relevant in a matter of seconds. Ensure that you grab the visitor’s attention right away, share an engaging tale, and concentrate on meeting their needs. It not only gives you credibility, but it also makes your brand more approachable. If you want to hire a good professional web design company for this work make sure you go through JanBask digital design services.

What should you incorporate?

  • A thorough description of your firm, including information on its history. 
  • Include some interesting information, team photos, anniversaries, company values, or USPs.
  • Adding a CTA will also help you draw in your audience.

3. Contact page.

By enabling communication between website users and the website owner(s), a contact page plays an important role. Displaying your contact information is crucial since it adds to the trust factor. Two-way communication is always important after all. 

What should you incorporate?

  • Include the mailing address, phone number, email address, live chat feature, social media connections, address on a map, and business hours for your organization.
  • If there’s any other detail that you find relevant, add it.
  • You can also provide links to your knowledge base or FAQ area in case visitors need assistance or information. This will improve user experience, keep visitors on your website longer, and take some of the pressure off of your support staff or inbox.
  • Spam bots can’t contact you if your contact form is connected with CAPTCHA.

4. Product page.

Here, you can provide information about the goods you sell. Before listing the products, you might provide a brief synopsis of them. You can categorize your products if you want to sell a variety of them. Make sure your web design company carries the task well.

What should you incorporate?

  • eCommerce: High-quality product photographs, a product description, a price, the product’s dimensions, weight, and materials, the delivery date, customer reviews, and testimonials are all included on each product page.
  • SaaS: A product description page that directs visitors to the registration page.
  • If you have a large portfolio of products, a product overview page is also necessary. Your product overview page should have product categories so your visitors can find what they need fast and easily. 
  • Add filters so that customers may look for items based on color, size, customer reviews, etc.

5. Blog page.

A blog is a website or part of a website that consists of postings that are topically relevant (e.g., journal entries). It provides your company a voice, makes a space where you can share your knowledge, tell your narrative, and interact with customers. Even though this feature is optional, we strongly advise having a blog page for both creative and marketing reasons. You could also employ a professional web design company for this purpose.

What should you incorporate?

  • You need to determine your blogging goals and why you’re establishing a blog.
  • The next step is deciding what subjects to address.
  • Blogging is a fantastic creative outlet for discussing subjects that inspire or encourage you. You can also showcase customer accomplishments or go behind-the-scenes.
  • Your website will rank higher in search engine results if you write about specific subjects and use pertinent keywords.
  • Remember to include a CTA in each of your blog posts(For instance, subscribe to the newsletter or download the e-book.)

5. Privacy policy page.

Every website needs a privacy policy page. It explains to site visitors how you plan to use the data they supply. This page can be used to explain to your audience how any personal data or information (such as cookies, advertising, emails, etc.) obtained will be used. A good web design agency will make sure that your privacy policy page communicates the information well.

What should you incorporate?

  • What information you gather and how you gather it.
  • How to make copies of your information available to site users.
  • Whether you’ll distribute it to outside parties, etc.

6. Services Page.

Details about the services you offer can be listed here. Every web design company lays focus on this page as it’s a great way of attracting potential customers. Before defining your services, start the page with an overview of them. Consider breaking up long descriptions of your services into sections and including a link to a web page where visitors can learn more about each service if your offerings are broad.

What should you incorporate?

  • A list of the services you offer.
  • Links to additional information on specific services.
  • Services listed in bullet points with succinct descriptions.
  • Benefits of utilizing your services
  • How your products and services are different from those of your rivals.

7. Terms and Conditions.

A Terms of Use page is required for the majority of websites, much like the privacy policy page. The “rules” and “conditions” that users must accept in order to access your site are described on this page. This page describes the “rules” that website visitors must accept in order to use your website. Rules should be well defined by your website design agency in order to avoid any confusion or chaos.

What should you incorporate?

  • Include the terms and conditions and the operations of your website.
  • Rules and regulations governing how your site works.
  • A trademark warning ought to be included.
  • Also, it should include a disclaimer about copyright.

8. FAQ Page

You might want to think about creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to answer questions you frequently get from different clients. You can respond to the questions that people ask you most frequently. It’s a fantastic opportunity which a good web design agency will explore to share insightful facts about your business. Determine what information your visitors are seeking, and then create questions and answers based on that information.

What should you incorporate?

  • Most frequently asked questions ought to be listed here.
  • Describe how your product or service can overcome frequent objections.
  • Use the FAQs to explain to potential customers why your goods and services are so valuable.

9. Testimonial/review page.

Visitors can learn what other people think about you and your company by visiting a testimonials page. This is your chance to highlight the favorable comments people have made about your business. Whenever possible, provide the author’s contact information and images (a link to their social media account, not their personal phone number). Each testimonial will gain validity as a result. How effectively your website design company uses it, will determine the number of deals you are able to close.

What should you incorporate?

  • In order to give the testimonials posted on your website more credibility, be sure to provide titles, localities, and full names.
  • It would be the icing on the cake if you could gather consumer images.
  • Even better if your consumer is open to making a video about their experience using your product!

Other popular internet page types:

  • Cookie policy.
  • News page.
  • Open vacancies page.
  • Note on affiliate links.
  • Additional disclosure pages for clients or partners.

Conclusion: Streamline your site.

Choosing the indispensable pages to add to the site is surprisingly difficult. It requires a ton of work to painstakingly add such pages to a website that clients will reach out and answer. You can streamline your site that adds to your image’s development by adding important pages, creating significant substance, and making changes as important to them.

As a social media marketing company, we can assist you with our best website architecture administration and provide you with just the web design service you need to help you expand the capability of your organization’s site and stay away from normal entanglements.

Reach out to JanBask digital to investigate vast open doors.