Customer Success in Tech Industry

Customer Success in Tech Industry


Customer Success consultants in software/tech companies are the experts of their selling product. They play a vital role in helping clients to integrate their product to their business process to maximise its utility as well as identify and solve potential challenges and issues. All of these to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Key Responsibilities

It might differ according to the company but most common responsibilities are:

  • Work directly with the customers throughout the entire life-cycle of the project to maximise the value of their investment in the company’s product and help them to integrate it to their business processes
  • Gather requirements and conduct analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Design, adapt and implement the product based on the customers needs. This includes but is not limited to UX Design, workflow definition, integration with external systems, etc.
  • Deliver “hypercare” to ensure the product fits seamlessly into clients’ business processes and all its users know how to use it

Degrees / Entry Requirements

  • Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Management Science or equivalent background
  • Understanding of coding languages 
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Motivation for the success of the customers

Tips for Starting this Career

  • Interested in the area of technology and willingness to be the expert of the company’s product 
  • Experience and knowledge on at least one programming language (e.g., SQL, Python, Java…)
  • Exceptional communication skills both verbal and written. This can be trained through internships, volunteering and self-initiatives.

Jobs Examples

  • Consultant in Appian (leading low-code software company) – here
  • Consultant in Microsoft here