Tips Choosing a University

Tips Choosing a University


While a lucky few may have known the dream course and university to take since childhood, others need to determine which course and university to select. It’s a hard decision-making process since you need to look for many aspects such as course content, graduate destinations, career prospects, interests…. You can find below a checklist that might help you narrow down the university choices that best fit your career path.


Course Selection

What are your interests?

What are you keen on?

What is your background?

Are there any limitations coming from families?

University Rankings

What is its world ranking position?

What is its ranking position at the subject/course level?

Is the ranking page being recognised at the worldwide level?

Does the university provide the course you would like to take?

Are you happy with the course content?

Financial Capability

How much money can you afford?

Is your family supporting you financially?

Do you have the possibility to obtain the scholarships offered by the university?

What are the course fees, accommodation and living costs, can you afford them?

Campus Location

How far is it from your home?

How far is it from the dream companies you want to get into?

Are there any extracurricular activities that you can participate in?

Teaching Standards

Are there any well-known, highly recognised professors?

What is the education level from those professors?

What are the facilities like? Does it have all the facilities required, such as laboratory, chemical equipment/tools, cafes…?

How’s the career prospects?

Student Satisfaction

How satisfied are the students?

How is diversity and inclusion?

Extracurricular Activities

What societies does it offer?

Are there any local activities that you can participate in?

Student Accommodation

What are the costs and fees?

Where are the students residences located? Is that place safe?

Are there any supermarkets, public transport nearby?